Our Story

We are a team of educators, instructional designers, project managers, e-learning developers, graphic designers, and video graphics specialists. Our principal and managing director, Weston Smith, has a background in teaching and training, while our director of operations, Bruce Smith, has experience in project management and general business operations.

Weston Smith, M.Ed.

Principal & Managing Director

You're wondering, so I'm answering. Yes... I work well with my handsome husband to your right. Now on to the meat and potatoes: as a passionate, life-longer learner, my mission is to spread this passion because, unfortunately, the love of learning is often squashed in adulthood by discouraging experiences with continuing education, especially computer-based training. As a former classroom teacher, I remember people, no matter the age, need to engage and form real connections in order to learn. Frankly, learning and development initiatives work only when they are truly enriching. In-person training can offer meaningful learning and development experiences, but it can also be expensive to facilitate. As a millennial who believes in the power of online education and as a teacher who believes in the human experience, I partner with clients ranging in size from small healthcare compliance agencies to Fortune's 50s to create blended (both in-person and digital) engagement strategies.

Bruce Smith, MBA

Director of Operations

Bruce guides our overall strategy, including project integration and client services as well as the execution of our day-to-day business operations. Prior to starting bright iEd with his amazing wife, Bruce spent the last 10 years building experience and expertise in accounting, finance, business operations, and large-scale project management. Whether he was developing accounting and financial systems and reporting for small startups, non-profits, and healthcare providers or managing $100M business operations projects for Fortune's 100 companies, Bruce’s diverse background allows him to understand the needs, challenges, and opportunities facing all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Jan Watkins, Ed.S., M.Ed.

Instructional designer, e-Learning developer

Evan Wing

Instructional and motion graphics designer

Shelly Wing

Copy/technical writer

Shorna Hyde

Graphic designer