ABOUT Bright iEd
(pronounced bright-eyed)

Our mission is to deliver digital learning and development experiences which make real connections and deliver long-term ROI on your training dollars. As a boutique consulting firm, we take the time to understand your business and your learners' needs because we know that your people are your most important asset. We start by collaboratively identifying your audience's knowledge and skill gaps. We then work with subject matter experts to translate their knowledge into training that makes sense. Finally, we help you navigate all of your training media options, working with you to purposefully package your content into cutting-edge eLearning, animations, videos, eBooks, and infographics that are clear, concise, and motivating and can be accessed on any device, any time, anywhere. Most importantly, we respect your timeline and budget because we want you as a long-term partner.



Through our years of experience in learning and development as well as in the board room, bright iEd understands that education and training must meet the unique goals and needs of our clients and their audience. No two companies are alike, so why train employees or members with a one-size-fits-all, training-in-a-box approach? While that approach may appear more time and cost efficient, it often slows or stalls adoption. Our custom solutions are designed for buy-in; we focus on audience motivation and "What's in it for me?" factors.


We design instruction. That means we help you identify your audience's gaps in knowledge, skill, or perspective and then help you bridge these gaps with carefully executed, story-based training which inspires a real learner connection. Our custom instruction is blended, offering just the right mix of convenient, exciting digital training and social, supportive live training. No matter your needs, goals, and modality preferences, we help you navigate the options to find your best solution.

e/m learning

Electronic (e) learning and its device friendly offspring, mobile (m) learning, can be meaningful and cost effective. Our targeted e/m and game learning modules maximize impact and learner retention through short "micro" burst sessions which are usually scenario-based, offering choices, remediation, and immediate assessment. This short format is designed for frequent access and seamless integration in the work day.


Simple learning interactions that award badges and points or offer competition through leader boards or level progression are powerful for learning and development. Why? Brain science tells us humans play in order to learn. We help you tap into this phenomenon and motivate your audience through play in the digital learning environment. Our custom games increase motivation and engagement, stimulating a ready to learn brain chemistry.


The cornerstone of any great training is the human experience. We recognize that most digital training is missing that social element, coming off as boring and impersonal. At bright iEd we challenge this mediocrity. Through a unique blend of innovative imagery, animation, and video, we help you reach your audience organically.


Do you have a learning management system (LMS)? Learning management systems support learner interaction, tracking, and credentialing of learning, both online and in-person. If you don't have one, we've got you covered with the world's most popular LMS, Moodle. We can securely host and maintain your learning portal, providing a custom, comprehensive learning and development solution.



Whether you need a helping hand or are completely new to digital learning and development and whether you are a Fortune 500, non-profit, or small governmental agency, we can help you exceed your goals. We'll offer quick demos of solutions which might meet your needs. We even promise to skip the long-winded sales pitch and value your time with short and meaningful answers to your questions.